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About Belairdirect Car Insurance

Belairdirect insurance has provided reliable insurance services to Canadians since its inception. Established in 1955, Belairdirect operates from its headquarters in Ontario. It uses two companies to underwrite its auto insurance policies: Belair Insurance Company and Nordic Insurance Company. Initially, the company’s services only covered the two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec, before it expanded its service delivery to include the whole of Canada.

At Belairdirect, innovation and dedication are the guiding principle in the provision of insurance services. In fact, the company made history in 1977 by being the insurance company in North America to offer the first online quote. For many years, Belairdirect Car Insurance has focused on innovative technology and providing high quality customer service to continue growing its business.

Does Belairdirect Have an App?

You will be happy to know that the company does have an app available, unfortunately at the moment it is only on the Apple App Store since it is currently available only on iOS. Users of the app get the ease and advantage of being able to access their insurance details instantly, which is a plus if you ever need those details in a hurry. You can also access roadside assistance and with the updated version, users of the app are able to submit their claims online quickly and conveniently.

What Other Insurance Services Does Belairdirect Offer its Customers?

Apart from Car insurance, Belairdirect offers the following insurance policies:

  • Home/Renter/Condor insurance policies: If your home is not covered or your current insurer seems troubling, you should consider going for this insurance policy.
  • Recreation vehicle insurance: In case you are planning to go on a recreational trip with your recreational vehicle, the company has ensured that they have a policy just tailored to meet your needs.

Other Special Insurance Programs Available at Belairdirect

To ensure that they improve their customers’ experience and attract more clients, the company’s management offers the following special programs to their customers:

Automerit services: When using the company’s Automerit program, drivers have the opportunity to monitor various driving habits through the company’s app – note this a separate app to the mentioned above. With it, you can monitor components such as your driving time, acceleration, and braking habits. Users also get the opportunity to save 5 percent for downloading the application and up to 25 percent based on the tracking results.

Online Claim Tracking: The company has ensured that filing a car insurance claim is simple for all its clients by allowing drivers the option to track their online claims 24/7. In case of any issue, you can contact the company agents who will address them conclusively. The company has also integrated other extra resources such as FAQ section, access to the claims adjuster and advisors, and a feedback system to share your personal experience.

Accident Forgiveness: The Accident Forgiveness feature will ensure that the company does not increase the premiums they levy on your policy after your first at-fault accident. This is only available if you are a driver who has gone for more than seven years without making a claim.

Discounts: Belairdirect Car Insurance provides its clients with an opportunity to save through numerous discounts to help keep premiums low as can be. Some discount examples are getting group rates, blending home and car insurance, and taking multiple car insurance policies or providing Belairdirect access to your driving history.

How to Submit a Claim with Belairdirect Today

By Phone

File a claim by dialling 1-977-228-2656


File a claim by emailing


File a claim by visiting Belairdirect’s Client Centre

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3 Minutes Could Save You Up To $1000!
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