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About Car Insurance for Kitchener

Kitchener is a city within South Western Ontario and in close proximity to neighboring Waterloo and Cambridge. Unlike other similar cities in the area that follow a traditional grid street pattern, Kitchener has a complex radial system thanks to its German heritage; as you can guess this doesn’t help the daily occurrence of rush hour traffic.

When driving in Kitchener be mindful of the areas around Victoria Park and streets that take you into downtown. Also, as mentioned above take care navigating through the streets, drive slow and make sure you have your car insurance sorted, the radial layout can be confusing for drivers who are not used to it. Start your search for car insurance in Kitchener here, by comparing many different car insurance rates and save today at My Choice!

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Average Car Insurance Rates in Kitchener

Determining an insurance rate comprises of a number of different factors and for drivers who live in Kitchener you can expect your premium to be similar to the city average of $1,251 which is around 15 – 20% cheaper than the Ontario average of $1,458. Even with its busy roads, the average car insurance rates for Kitchener are one of the better rates for Ontario and you can easily shop for comparison quotes here.

Being a driver from Kitchener makes you one of the luckier ones in the province when it comes to your auto insurance, as only a small handful of cities possess an average rate which is less than the provincial. Even with that being said it’s still important to compare different quotes from different insurance companies to have the greatest chance of getting a cheaper rate.

Average Insurance Rate = $1,251

Source: Kanetix Study

Collision Stats for Kitchener and the Region

At the moment it looks like driving in the region of Waterloo has improved in regards to the number of collisions seen in 2016 when comparing to the previous year. The number of collisions in Kitchener dropped by roughly, 10% since 2014 which is always nice to see and even better for insurance claims. Some other key collision statistics that were noted are:

  • Percentage of collisions at intersections in 2016 – 64%
  • Percentage of alcohol-related collisions in 2016 – 1.7%

Source: Region of Waterloo, Collision Report 2016

% Type of Collision in 2016 for Kitchener


Dangerous Intersections in Kitchener

There was a large percentage of collisions in Kitchener that occurred at intersections, which is to be expected. In order to help you be mindful of these hotspots, some of the more dangerous intersections for accidents are highlighted below:

  • Homer Watson Blvd/Block Line Rd
  • Ottawa St/Homer Watson Blvd
  • Homer Watson Blvd/Manitou Dr/Doon Village Rd

Source: Region of Waterloo, Collision Report 2016

Number of Collisions in Waterloo Region, 2012 – 2016

The data represented in the chart below shows the number of collisions throughout the Waterloo region from 2012 – 2016. Kitchener is considered one of the larger cities to sit within that region and reported 2,352 collisions in the year of 2016, the most of any other city in the region.

Source: Region of Waterloo, Collision Report 2016

Driving in Kitchener What You Need to Know

As is the case with driving in any big city, you should use all the help you can when it comes to navigating, so check our top tips for when driving in Kitchener

    1. In Kitchener and surrounding areas there exists a number of roundabouts which are not all that common on the roads of Ontario. Used widely in Europe, these may have you stumped if you’ve never driven through one before.
    2. Another street that can become troublesome whilst heading downtown is that of Benton/Frederick street as this forms one of the major corridors for traffic and public transport alike.
    3. If you’re in or around Kitchener come early Autumn it would be well worth a stop in to visit the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, which is the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside of Germany.

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