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What You Need To Know About Car Insurance In Ontario

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Selecting a car insurance policy can be confusing, especially with all the competition in Ontario, so this makes it all the more important to properly compare different rates and get the best deal! Here at My Choice Car Insurance, we are here to help and want to make your experience nice and straightforward.

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Everybody’s insurance premiums are different and that’s because a combination of factors are often used when determining what insurance rate someone should get. There are many factors that come into play such as geography, traffic congestion, previous claims and the insurance company itself. However, perhaps the most important factors are: where you drive, mileage, driving record, previous claims and the number of drivers in your household who use the vehicle.

Simple answer, yes. If you hold an Ontario driver’s license and drive a car it is mandatory for you to ensure that you have some sort of car insurance. Every driver will have a different premium but it is the job of an organization called Facility Association enabling all licensed drivers who require insurance to obtain it.

It’s important to understand all the relevant minimum requirements for auto insurance in Ontario, basically insurance is split into mandatory and optional coverage. To legally drive within the province, you must have the have the following in your policy:

Third Party Liability Coverage – By law you must carry a minimum of $200,000 in coverage.

Accident Benefit Coverage – If you become injured in an accident this coverage provides you with benefits regardless of who was at fault.

Direct Compensation – Property Damage (DC-PD) Coverage – This section of your policy provides you with cover to your vehicle if it is damaged or its contents, even if you are not responsible for the accident.

Uninsured Auto Coverage – This effectively covers you and your family if anyone is injured or killed and your vehicle for damages if it occurs at the hands of an uninsured driver.

As previously mentioned above, there are two main areas of auto insurance policies available in Ontario which are either mandatory or optional.

Mandatory obligations apply to all drivers within Ontario and they include third party liability coverage, accident benefit coverage, direct compensation property damage and uninsured driver coverage. Each of these obligations are spoken of more detail above.

Next, that just leaves us with the optional auto insurance policies, these should definitely be considered as they may end up saving you money down the track if you have insufficient coverage. Overall, there are a number of optional extras available to drivers of Ontario, some of the more popular ones are, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, third party liability (increase in coverage amount) and transport replacement coverage.

Having already stated that it is the law to have car insurance in Ontario for all drivers, so naturally if you do not, there will be repercussions. Typically, fines can range anywhere between $5,000 – $50,000, your license suspended or vehicle impounded. Not only is this bad in the short term it also does no favors for you in the long run, if you are convicted you can expect to be labelled, as what the insurance companies like to call, a high risk driver. As a result of this you will no doubt have to pay higher than average insurance rates for the foreseeable future.

Ontario’s Most Expensive Cities for Car Insurance

If you live in or around the GTA then chances are you’re no stranger when it comes to having to pay a decent premium for your choice of car insurance. With Ontario drivers having to pay the highest average car insurance rates in Canada, this is no more evident than living in Toronto.

The table below showcases the most expensive cities for auto insurance in the Ontario, as you will see all of the locations listed are within close proximity to each other and are more or less in the GTA.

Brampton leads the way occupying the most expensive spot by a few hundred dollars, as it has done for the past number of years. Next in line is Vaughan before being closely followed by Mississauga to make up the top 3.

If you are looking for more information about car insurance in Ontario cities, check out our detailed pages about Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, London and Kitchener.
City Auto Insurance
Brampton $2,268
Vaughan $1,825
Mississauga $1,788
Markham $1,785
Toronto $1,743
Richmond Hill $1,709
Ajax $1,519
Hamilton $1,497
Pickering $1,450
Whitby $1,399

Source: Kanetix Study 2017

Why Ontario drivers pay the highest car insurance rates in the country

Everybody loves a bargain when it comes to finding the best insurance rate, who doesn’t? Well, unfortunately if you live in Ontario this may hard to come by, because unfortunately Ontario drivers pay the highest average car insurance rates in Canada.

Ontario is plagued with insurance fraud which boosts premiums and unlike other provinces standard rates don’t apply to all drivers. Younger drivers, under 25 are effectively prejudged to be super high risk, particularly males under 25, so effectively guilty unless otherwise. That being said the majority of drivers in Ontario live within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which presents a special case itself, it’s a big city so naturally you can expect busy roads, heavy population density and above average theft rates. Each one of these elements plays its respective role in pushing up insurance rates for the province.

These are just some of the main reasons why car insurance rates in Ontario are only going to keep going up, rather than come back down and regrettably there isn’t much you can do about it.

Ontario Car Insurance Rate Changes

Source: Fsco.gov.on.ca

Collision Statistics For Ontario

You may be surprised to learn that even with Ontario drivers paying the highest insurance rates in the country, the province isn’t the worst when it comes to collisions. In a Transport Canada study in 2008, they found that there were only 5 fatalities in Ontario per billion vehicle-km, which was the best score from any province/territory, Yukon was seen to be the worst at 15.4 fatalities per billion vehicle-km.

The above is an interesting statistic in regards to what determines your car insurance rate, it’s clear to see that even with Ontario being one of the “safer” provinces/territories to drive, this isn’t reflected in the average insurance rates. However, it should be noted that weather conditions in other provinces certainly plays a role.

To sum up, the main factor influencing expensive Ontario car insurance rates is the sheer number of drivers on the road in comparison to other parts of Canada.


That being said, the number of drivers in Ontario are only ever increasing and with that, comes collisions. In a recent Ontario road safety report the following statistics were recorded:

  • Total vehicles involved in fatal and personal injury collisions on 2014 – 64,736
  • Total fatal collisions in 2014 – 447
  • Total number of alcohol related fatalities in 2014 – 120

Source: Toronto Collision Report 2014

Average Insurance Cost In Ontario By Car Type

Source: Caa.ca

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Trying to get cheaper car insurance can be very frustrating, but fear not as you are just one of many attempting to do the same thing. You can start your hunt for a cheaper rate right here, where we have come up with a few tips to help you along the way.

So check out our top 5 tips for getting cheap car insurance below.

  1. Compare insurance rates – The obvious one, it pays to shop around. It’s easy enough to do this using comparison sites (just like ours!) and also be sure to research insurance companies to ensure you’re not missing out on any golden rates.
  2. Update your policy – Tweak your policy so it is tailored perfectly to your needs. This may involve cancelling collision coverage or just purchasing minimal coverage; but remember you’re reducing your coverage when you might need it.
  3. Pay annually – It can be tempting to pay monthly and not take such a big hit at the beginning but you will get cheaper car insurance if you pay annually, as these fees give a little discount.
  4. Usage based insurance – This too can be a simple one, consider purchasing your car insurance based on usage and make it the distance you drive. Simply install a GPS to monitor movements and you’re good to go.
  5. Utilise memberships/associations – Not always at the forefront of people’s minds but often memberships or associations have partnerships with insurance firms and as a result you could score a sweet deal.

% Of Claim Costs By Coverage For Accidents In 2016

Source: Tc.gc.ca

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