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About Windsor Auto Insurance

The City of Roses, Windsor, a city in South West Ontario is often the last port of call in Canada before venturing over the Detroit river into neighboring USA The city boasts a rich history, with settlement occurring in the area during the 18th city, aligning with its close neighbor, Windsor is a major contributor to the Canadian automotive industry.

Being a major player in the car industry naturally comes hand in hand with the large percentage of Windsor residents driving a vehicle of their own. Driving in Windsor can be troublesome at times just like any other large city, so whether you’re cruising down Ouellette Avenue or bumper to bumper on the E.C. Row Expressway it’s mandatory to still have car insurance. So, what are you waiting for, start comparing rates with us today!

*Actual Quoting Data. Based On A Clean Driving Record.

Average Auto Insurance Rates in Windsor

When it comes to the average car insurance rate for a resident of Windsor, great news, it’s slightly less than the Ontario average when compared in 2016.

For the average driver premiums are around $1,375, which is a little less than 10% of the province average of $1,458. That being said the average rate for Windsor still comes in considerably cheaper when compared to some of the other, busier cities within Ontario like Brampton or Toronto. So, in hindsight the average rate for Windsor will see you end up better off than your big city counterparts.

Average Insurance Rate = $1,375

Source: Kanetix Study

Windsor Collision Statistics

The most recent road safety report for Windsor, was published in 2015 after a study was conducted by the city of Windsor over 2009 – 2013. The number of collisions for any particular area will have an effect on the general insurance quotes and rates offered to drivers.

Some notable collisions statistics for the Windsor area are:

  • Total number of collisions in 2013 – 3,798
  • Total number of fatal collisions in 2013 – 4
  • Percentage of alcohol-related collisions in 2013 – 2.69%

Source: Windsor Road Safety Report 2015

Total Number of Collisions in Windsor, 2006 – 2013

Source: Windsor Road Safety Report 2013

Dangerous Intersections in Windsor

It pays off to know the high-risk areas when driving in and around Windsor, knowing these intersections may help prevent future accidents and preserve your no claims bonus.

The following insights collected over a 5 year span from 2009 – 2013, are some of the more particularly dangerous intersections for collisions in Windsor:

  1. Banwell Rd and E.C. Row Expressway (West-Bound)
  2. Tecumseh Rd East/Walker Rd
  3. Howard Ave/Tecumseh Rd East

Source: Windsor City Engineer, Operations Department & Transportation Planning Division

% Of Collision by Type, Windsor, 2013

Source: Windsor Road Safety Report, 2015

Useful Tips for Driving in Windsor

Utilize these tips for driving in Windsor and protect your car insurance no claims bonus… if you haven’t claimed already!

  • Being a border city, with the US, Windsor naturally has influx of traffic that does not necessarily reside in the area. Keep an eye out for truckers shipping goods and travelers who are not used to the roads.
  • During rush hour the E.C. Row Expressway can become susceptible to heavy traffic and occasional delays so seek an alternative route if possible.
  • Every summer Windsor co-hosts a two-week long event called the Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, culminating in huge firework displays for Independence Day (US) and Canada Day. During this time the roads in and around Windsor will be unusually busy and could prove tricky to navigate.

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